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In January 1990, Mr. Wu Jiping, as the legal representative and General Manager, took over the Beijing SUN Automation Technology Company (predecessor of SATIR).

In July 1991, a board meeting of Beijing SUN Automation Technology Company was held, which decided to develop pyroelectronic infrared cameras based on the financial support from the SAT compatible PC business.

In July 1992, the first SAT infrared product: SAT-9101 pyroelectronic infrared camera was born and purchased by Hangu Power Station of Tianjin, subsidiary of North Grid, as the inspection tool of power supply equipments.

In February 1993, Jining power company of Shandong purchased the second SAT-9101 pyroelectronic infrared camera, the application seminar of SAT pyroelectronic infrared camera was held by Shangdong Provincial Power Company.

In May 1993, SAT9101 pyroelectronic infrared camera passed the test by the NCEPRI. Based on that the Northern China Electric Management Authority held a special seminar on the introduction of SAT-9101 pyroelectronic infrared camera.

In January 1994, National Electric Power Safety Dep. Officially issued the document to promote the SAT-9101 as the on-site inspection tool for the power system to the national power grids, provincial power grids all over the country and Huaneng International Power Development Corporation.

In November 1994, having accepted the invitation of China Electricity Council, SAT-9401 pyroelectronic infrared camera was exhibited on the International Electric And Power Technology Equipment Expo 1994, as the exclusive pyroelectronic infrared camera made in China for customers from domestic and abroad, and earned great compliments from domestic and abroad market.

In February 1995, China Electricity Council held the meeting for SAT pyroelectronic infrared camera to promote the SAT infrared cameras as inspection products to the state grids and its sub-sectors throughout China.

In July 1995, Beijing SUN Automation Technology Company was reformed and renamed as Beijing SAT Detection and Measurement Technology Co. Ltd.

In November 1995, sponsored by Beijing SAT, the International Exhibition of Electric Power Equipment was held in Shanghai. The SAT-9501 pyroelectronic infrared camera was launched at that exhibition.

In January 1996, Beijing SAT founded the first plant in China for the pyro-electric tube in Qianshan of Zhuhai.

In April 1996, Shanxi power company decided to purchase SAT-9501A made by Beijing SAT. From then on, SAT began to enter the great course of massive production.

In July 1996, SAT was rewarded as high-tech product by Beijing science committee.

In August 1996, “SAT pyroelectronic infrared camera ” project was recognized as the “national new product”.

In September 1996, SAT was ratified as the organizing company for the SAT pyroelectronic infrared camera project under “the National technology promotional plan” by the Ministry and Science and Technology of China.

In November 1996, the SAT pyroelectronic infrared camera project undertaking by SAT was enlisted into the promotional project of significant scientific outcome in Beijing.

In April 1997, SAT was approved as the organizer of National Torch Plan projects——SAT Pyroelectronic Infrared Camera.

In June 1998, Guangzhou SAT Infrared Technology Co. Ltd was jointly founded by Guangzhou Electric company and Beijing SAT. SATIR was officially settled down in Guangzhou.

In January 1999, SATIR and FSI (former company of FLIR) of US signed the cooperation agreement on infrared camera products.

In April 1999, SATIR debuted on the SPIE exhibition in Orlando, USA.

In July 1999, the construction of SATIR’s R&D center in the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District started officially.

In January 1999, SATIR held the conference to report the SATIR thermal imaging technology under the state torch program, and shown the research results from SATIR.

In May 2000, SATIR has been certified as “high-tech enterprise ” by Guangdong Department of Science and Technology.

In May 2000, be the first to cooperate with Sofradir on the FPA detector.

In October 2000, construction of SATIR R&D and Manufacturing center was completed, all members of SATIR stationed in the Guangzhou economic and technological development district.

In June 2001, the first UFPA infrared camera in China HY6000 was launched, which witnessed the start of SATIR’s development in overseas market.

In October 2001, SATIR was authorized as the organizing company of SAT pyroelectronic infrared camera project under the national torch program.

In December 2001, SATIR has passed ISO9001 Quality Management System test, and has been certified.

In April 2002, SATIR launched the HY6800 at SPIE exhibition in Orlando USA, which earned the high compliment from the international infrared industry as a world-class infrared camera.

In January 2003, SATIR and ISG signed the OEM cooperation agreement for the US and UK market.

In March 2003, SATIR was certified as “High-tech Enterprise ” by Guangzhou Science and Technology Authority.

In May 2003, SATIR attended the SENSOR2003 held in Nuremberg Germany, which opened the European market for SATIR.

In June 2004, delegate of SAT exhibited in San Paulo Brazil and Shown SAT’s products in many places of Brazil, which opened the gate for SAT’s entry into the South American market.

In August 2004, SATIR visited to NEC San-ei company in Japan, and signed the cooperation agreement with NEC San-ei. SATIR’s products began to enter into the Japanese market in volume.

In March 2005, SATIR attended the “Middle East Electricity Exhibition” in Dubai. SATIR’s products began to enter the Middle East.

In September 2005, the national standard GB/T 19870-2005 <Industrial inspection thermal imagers>, which based on SATIR corporate standards, was publicized by the National Standardization Management Committee and the General Administration of Quality Supervision.

In March 2006, SATIR News was founded, that was the first journal of private IR enterprises in China.

In July 2006, SATIR’s YRH250 was approved as “Mining Products Safety Approval Certification” by MA center.

In August 2006, SATIR set up overseas service center in Paris, which has been transformed into SATIR R&D center in France.

In August 2006, based on national standard of GB/T 19870-2005 “Industrial inspection thermal imagers”, SATIR developed industry standard of GA/T 635-2006 “firefighting infrared camera”.

In December 2006, SATIR’s SAT-G90 and SAT-S160 was rewarded the Bronze Award in the “China’s 2nd Design Patent Competition”.

In March 2007, SATIR officially finished the assets reorganization, and restructured from state-owned company to the complete private high-tech enterprises.

In June 2007, the board chairman of SATIR Mr. Wu Jiping was invited to attend the “Chinese Private Enterprise Fortune Forum”. SATIR was rewarded as “The Most Competitive Private Enterprise”.

In October 2007, SATIR has been certified as “the second batch of IPR demonstration enterprises” by Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District.

In December 2007, SATIR’s infrared camera for industrial application was rewarded the first prize of the “Scientific and technological achievements” jointly by the Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development District, and Guangzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone; SAT-G90 infrared camera was rewarded the first prize of “Technology Achievement Award”.

In December 2007, GB/T 19870-2005 national standard “Industrial inspection thermal imagers” was awarded the “China Standard Innovation Award” jointly by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China, SAC Standardization Administration of China.

In December 2007, SATIR’s Up-right style infrared camera was awarded the “National New Products” by the National Science and Technology, Ministry of Commerce, General Administration of Quality Supervision, General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine, State Environmental Protection Administration jointly.

In January 2008, the first global distributor conference was held in Guangzhou.

In May 2008, the opening ceremony of SATIR (Ireland) Ltd. Was held in Dublin, several Irish and Chinese government officials attended the ceremony.

In June 2008, the national power Department published the industry standard of DLT664-200 “Application rules and regulations of infrared diagnosis for live electrical equipment” based on GB/T 19870-2005 “Industrial inspection thermal imagers” national standards.

In December 2008, SATIR was certified as “high-tech enterprise” by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

In April 2009, SATIR signed up OEM cooperation agreement with German companies specialized in the sales of industrial products, which expanded the European market further.

In December 2009, SATIR’s HRYXJ-A infrared camera was rewarded the third prize of China fire Safety Science and Technology Innovation.

In March 2010, SATIR’s YRH600 infrared camera obtained Mining Products Safety Approval Certification.

In May 2010, SATIR was ratified for the fourth time as the organizing enterprise for the “portable infrared camera” project under the state torch program.

In June 2010, SATIR was rewarded as superior enterprise of intellectual property right of Guangdong and superior import and export enterprise of intellectual property right of Guangdong.

In June 2010, Mr. Wu Jiping was invited by IDA to visit the Irish pavilion in EXPO shanghai 2010, and met the Irish president.

In September 2010, SATIR was awarded “Technological Center of Guangzhou”.

In September 2010, SATIR published the latest developed VSatir camera on the China International Optoelectronic Expo in Shenzhen. This camera is SATIR’s main product in the high-end market, which congregates the most advanced infrared technology of the current world.

In October 2010, SATIR was rewarded the certificate of “international standard adopted products” by Standardization Administration of SAC of China.

In November 2010, SATIR’s G90 was rewarded the 12th China Patent Award of Excellence.

In December 2010, SATIR was awarded “Guangzhou Innovative Pilot Enterprise”.

In December 2010, SATIR Trade UK Co. Ltd was established.

In January 2011, SATIR was awarded “Technological Center of Guangdong Province”.

In April 2011, SATIR launched the MinIR infrared camera on the CEF 2011 EXPO (Shenzhen China).

In April 2011, SATIR was recognized as AAA enterprise in China firefighting industry.

In June 2011, SATIR’s CK-350, the infrared camera for medical application, passed the “Quality system of medical device manufactures” on-site test and obtained the certificate ratified by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration.

In June 2011, SATIR’s “Upright Style Infrared Camera” was rewarded as the Guangzhou Science and Technology Progress Award by Guangzhou Government.

In August 2011, SATIR G90 was rewarded as the Chinese patent awarded as the Chinese patent award of excellence, which won 500,000 RMB form Guangdong Provincial Goverrment.

In October 2011, The 20th anniversary celebration of SATIR has achieved a complete success.

In October 2011, SATIR was rewarded the title of “Key National Torch Program High-tech Enterprise”.

In December 2011, SATIR’s 2012 new product introduction meeting and annual order exhibition was successfully held, which praised as the “Guide post of the China thermal imaging applications technology” and “Weather glass of the international infrared imaging market”.

In February 2012, Mr. Xi Jinping, who was the Chinese Vice President at that time, paid a formal and friendly visit in Ireland. Being invited and arranged by government of China and Ireland, Mr. Wu jiping, the Chairman of SATIR, head a delegation to Ireland to participate in the overall commercial activities during Vice President Xi’s visit, and warmly received by Xi jinping.

In February 2012, SATIR Ireland were awarded ISO9001:2008 certification by Certification Europe.

In March 2012, SATIR was awarded Guangdong Province Science and Technology Reward Certificate.

In April 2012, SATIR Europe manufacturing center is upgraded to SATIR Overseas HQ.

In May 2012, SATIR’s VS640 was awarded the 2012 National Key New Products Award.

IN July 2012, SATIR was awarded the tender in bidding for 2012 biggest substation infrared thermal imaging on-line monitoring device by Guodian Xinjiang Power.

In August 2012, SATIT passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system surveillance audit.

In November 2012, SATIR’s “Thermal Imager (2)” won the 14th China Patent Excellence Award.

In December 2012, The SATIR Thermal Imaging Technology Promotion Seminar 2013 and The 2nd X’mas Order Meeting for SATIR Products was successfully held.

In January 2013, SATIR was honored the “First Batch of Guangzhou Industrial Design Demonstration Enterprises”.

In February 2013, SATIR launched automobile safety driving assistant system—ASDAS.

In February 2013, SATIR was awarded “the Top 50 Innovative ‘Go Global’ Enterprise 2012”.

In March 2013, MinIR was awarded the honorary title of “High-tech Products in Guangdong Province”.

In May 2013, Mr. Wu jiping, the Chairman of SATIR, was rewarded the “Prominent Entrepreneur of Guangdong”.

In November 2013, SATIR won the “Electricity Industry Information Outstanding Achievement Award”.

In December 2013, SATIR was launched the world's first smartphone thermal imager PK-160.

In December 2013, SATIR was authorized to establish Guangdong Thermal Infrared Imager Engineering Technology R&D Center.

In December 2013, SATIR won the “Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises in Guangdong”, and “Guangdong Outstanding Enterprises”.

In December 2013, The SATIR Thermal Imaging Technology Promotion Seminar 2013 and The 3nd X’mas Order Meeting for SATIR Products was successfully held.


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