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SATIR participated the ISS 2017 Imaging Exhibition in Yokohama Japan
Date:2017-08-08   Source:SATIR

Following last year’s returning to the Japanese market and having achieved very good publicity effect, SATIR, to make persistent efforts and strengthen the market effects, attended ISS 2017 international exhibition in Yokohama from Jun 7-9, 2017. The exhibition was a professional international imaging processing show, more than 100 enterprises and 16000 visitors in the industry participated in it this show.

  SATIR sales engineers had active communication with visitors on the exhibition, enabling more recognition of "SATIR"  

SATIR exhibited three different series of products, including IR core module (UPC series), instrumental thermal imaging camera (PK160, HOTFIND-S and D300), and advanced thermal imaging camera (G96). With a full set of Japanese leaflets, commentary video and company presentation video, the booth attracted a large number of visitors, and achieved a very good result.

The new D300 camera was the most popular camera, those features like brand new design, auto focus lens, laser range finder and the unique SATIR flip able display has attracted attentions and interests of every visitor. 

PK160 had also received a lot of attentions as the D300, its unique design combines the tablet, mobile phone and infrared camera, and with its high performance cost ratio, making the PK160 another new star in the IR industry.

  SATIR participated in the OPIE Yokohama and gained a great market response, visitors were fond of SATIR products

On the exhibition, previous Japanese customers were invited to the booth. They were satisfied with the product performance. And many potential customers also visited SATIR booth again and again for further enquiry, and showed the interests in the cooperation with SATIR. SATIR’s previous distributor for high-end thermal imaging camera also paid a visit although they were no longer the reseller of thermal imaging camera, they looked forward to collaborate with SATIR in other areas. 

SATIR products attracted clients' high attention 

SATIR achieved very good results, not only strengthening last year’s publicity effect, but also increasing the popularity in Japanese market. The day that SATIR’s thermal imaging camera entered Japanese. 


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