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Entry level camera which can replace an infrared thermometer, low cost

MinIR series thermal cameras are the third generation of upright style from SATIR. Light weight with an ergonomic compact design for one handed operation, MinIR is the leading entry level thermal camera in the market. The advanced UFPA detector used in MinIR has a low 80mk thermal sensitivity which generates clear and accurate thermal images. MinIR’s multi functional design meets the requirements for various applications and industries.

UFPA Detectors
High quality infrared detector

50Hz Frame Rate

Real time motion capture

Laser Pointer

To target areas of concern

Six palette colours
Six different palettes available to meet the display needs of different industries. Iron/iron inverted/rainbow/feather/grey/grey inverted

L-ion battery for continuous use and large capacity SD stoarge
Large capacity L-ion battery combined with innovatively designed energy conversion modes enables the MinIR to continuously work for over three hours. The 2GB removable SD card can store over 10,000 images.

Intuitive and fast temperature measurement
MinIR series has 3 temperature measurement modes. Centre point temperature measurement, maximum temperature capture and minimum temperature capture.

Ten languages

Type MinIR80
Image performance      
FOV/Min. focus distance 20° x15°/0.1m
Spatial resolution 2.2 mrad
Thermal sensitivity ≤0.08℃@30℃
Detetor type UFPA(Uncooled focal plane array)
Detetor resolution 80 x 60
Spectral range 8-14um
Focus Manual
Image presentation      
Image mode IR
Video output frequency NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) full dynamic output
LCD Display 3” TFT screen
Temperature measurement      
Measure range  -20℃~+250℃ (up to 1500℃,optional)
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% of readings
Image storage      
Type Removable SD card(up to16GB)
Physical characteristic      
Weight less than 500g


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