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Performance Level >  VS640    
High resolution 640X480 detector

Large touch screen
VS640 is equipped with a 5 inch HD touch screen for easy control of the user interface.

Network Intelligence, Internet Connectivity
The camera is equipped with WI-FI and an RJ-45 port which can connect directly to the internet for data transfer.

Motor/manual focus in one
Manual and motorized focus to suit the users preference.

5" LCD with touch screen

A 5" full colour TFT LCD is supplied with the VS640 so users can view vivid thermal images and the visual images comfortably and clearly. A brand new GUI system makes for easy operation and together with the touch screen, inspection work becomes more efficient.

Built-in image and video player
A built-in thermal image and video player is an innovative feature added to the VS640. The thermal video is stored in MP4 format, which can be played back by any generic media player.

USB real time thermal video recording
Full radiometric thermal data can be transferred via the USB2.1 interface to a PC in real-time for analysis and reporting in the SatIrReport USB version software.

High resolution 640x480 UFPA detector
At the heart of the VS640 is a high resolution 640x480 UFPA detector. With an array of 307,200 active detectors, every on-screen pixel offers an accurate and reliable temperature measurement reading. A very high thermal sensitivity of 50mK (0.05℃ @ 30℃, 50/60Hz) allows the VS640 to display the sharpest images with superior image quality.

The VS640 can take high quality “Duo-vision” images which aids better interpretation through thermal and visual blending. The user can move the infrared image overlay and alter the transparency to suit their application.

Users can add voice annotation to the thermal images via a Bluetooth headset. The recording can be saved with the thermal image and can be played back in the headset or using the SatIrReport software.

GPS- record the image location
The camera comes equipped with a high precision GPS module. It will save the GPS position while capturing the thermal image. The GPS position can be read by the analysis software

Type VS640
Image performance  
FOV/Min. focus distance 24° x18°/0.5m
Spatial resolution 0.65mrad
Thermal sensitivity ≤0.05℃@30℃
Detector type UFPA(Uncooled focal plane array)
Detector Resolution 640X480
Spatial range 8-14um
Focus Manual,Motorized,Auto-focus
Image presentation  
Image mode IR/CCD/Duo-vision
LCD Display 5'' TFT LCD,touch-screen
Digital camera 640 x 480 Full color
Viewfinder Built-in full color TFT viewfinder(adjustable angle)
Video output NTSC (60Hz) or PAL (50Hz) Composite video
Temperature measurement  
Measurement range  -20℃~+600℃,up to +2000℃(optional)
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% of readings
Image storage  
Type 8GB removable SD card
File format-Thermal .JPG
File format-Visual .JPG
Thermal video record MPEG format
Annotation Text,Voice annotation via bluetooth
Additional features  
Illuminator Yes
Laser pointer Yes
USB2.1 transfer real-time thermal data Yes
Bluetoothe Yes
Network interface/GPS/Wifi Yes
Available optional lenses 7°, 12°, 48°, Micro lens


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