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Thermal Camera & Android Tablet-All in one
  1. The 160 series detectors, the response speed of up to 50 frame rate, low price but never low quality
  2. 5.5 inch large HD LCD display
  3. graphical menu, touch design without any key operation
  4. 800 megapixel HD CCD, equipped with LED lights
  5. tailored for the instrument industry, a wider temperature detecting range and first choice of customers in the instrument and meter industry
  6. Android-based application development platform designed to easily expand mass application
  7. Built-in WIFI and mobile data capabilities, GPS, electronic compass, bluetooth and other functions are also available
  8. the standard JPEG format stored maps, video recording and other functions readily available
  9. points, lines, circles, regional analysis analytical tools Optional
Type PK160
Image performance
FOV 21°x 28°
Spatial resolution 4 mrad
Thermal sensitivity ≤0.08℃@30℃
Detector resolution 160x120
Focus Fixed focus
Image presentation
Image mode IR/CCD
Visible pixels High Definition CCD, 8 million pixels
LCD Display 5.5” HD Capacitive touch screen
File format(IR/CCD) .JPG
Temperature measurement
Measurement accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% of readings
Measurement mode 4 movable spots , auto hot / cold spot capture , isothermal analysis,circle analysis, rectangular analysis
Measure range -20℃ ~ +150℃, (150℃ ~ 350℃、optional)
Protective Performance
Packaging Standard  IP54
Shock/Vibration resistance 25G/2G
Drop resistance Yes
Operating temperature -10℃~+50℃
Additional features
WiFi Yes
Bluetooth Yes


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